Experience of use Brilliance SF

Elizabeth's experience with Brilliance SF cream

How the rejuvenating cream worked on Elizabeth, before and after photos of Brilliance SF

Good day. My name is Elizabeth, I'm 50 years old. I decided to share my experience in treating wrinkles with Brilliance SF cream. I met this combination from a friend of mine, she also showed signs of skin aging, she complained of a dull complexion. My friend told me in detail how to use the product to eliminate dryness and peeling. You must know that the tool has its own characteristics of use. The soothing face and neck cream replenishes the collagen in the skin cells. In my review I will tell you how to use wrinkle protection correctly and show its effect directly on myself.

How to use Brilliance SF

It is not difficult to use the cream. The package contains detailed instructions for this product. Based on personal experience, the result will be better if the product is applied at least 2 times a day. The natural composition does not sting, does not irritate the skin after use. It is necessary to apply the product only on dry and previously cleansed skin on the face and neck. The herbal combination relieved my bloating, lifted the oval face, removed wrinkles.

Photo of Brilliance SF cream on palm from Elizabeth's review

During the first week of use, I could already feel the effects of the product. Although I was sure that the drug did not work the first few days, as the wrinkles did not disappear. It turned out that I was very wrong in my conclusions. On the 3rd day of use, the skin became softer and more elastic to the touch.

In the second week of use, the combination continued to rejuvenate my skin. There was no more flaking, the drought did not bother. The drug has proven to be very effective and safe in the treatment of wrinkles.

Effect from month of use

After 30 days of regular use, when I started using the product, I want to notice an improvement in my skin condition. The deepest wrinkles were smoothed out, the skin got an even tone. Severe inflammation no longer interferes. Now I look good, without surgery.

Remember that wrinkle prevention is essential for all ages. Now I can definitely recommend you a cream, tk. I felt its full effect on myself. The composition is vegetable, the ingredients all work gently on the skin. I have not had an allergic reaction or other side effects during the entire treatment period.