The skin around the eyes - methods of rejuvenation

rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes

It is very important to start performing rejuvenation procedures in time, without waiting for the moment when the skin loses elasticity and "slips" down. If this is allowed, then there will be a change in the boundary between the cheeks and the eyelids. the edges of the eyelids will only be covered by the stretched eyelid, the eyes will lose their young, attractive appearance. Only surgery can eliminate this deficiency.

The list of steps needed to get rid of the symptoms of aging includes a solution to the following problems

Wrinkles around the eyes

You can eliminate these ugly signs of aging with the help of injections of botulinum toxins. The result of this procedure is visible after 2-14 days. The effect lasts for about six months. People prone to edema should be injected with caution and only after procedures aimed at improving blood flow.

The event requires some experience and knowledge from the beautician: it is important to maintain a normal facial expression and eyebrow pattern to avoid the appearance of edema.

Eyelid pain

With a small hernia, their mask is possible. Hyaluronic gel is used for this purpose. If this method does not apply, blepharoplasty, surgery to remove the aneurysm, will help. Before the operation, a serious preparation is performed with cosmetic technology. This facilitates the postoperative period and reduces the risk of complications.

Pigmentation and loss of elasticity

For the solution, a chemical peel is used which is replaced by an injection of hyaluronic acid (resuscitation). When performing these procedures, it is recommended to use only preparations that are specifically designed for this part of the face.

Bags and inflammation

In this case, micro-current therapy with a mechanical massage is recommended. The skin strengthens, stagnation is eliminated. The result is usually seen after the first two operations and at least ten cycles will help to strengthen the effect.

Nasolacrimal groove

Very ugly and noticeable sign of aging. The skin lowers, pine comes, starts in the inner corner of the eye and goes diagonally along the cheek. This deficiency is removed with the help of gels that contain collagen or hyaluronic acid. The face renews itself almost instantly while the operation is completely painless. The effect lasts for six months, sometimes a year.